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Portraits With a View

With the recent completion of the new 2,500 square foot studio space, I have been busier and more inspired than ever before. I suppose the more room one has, the more room one uses, but it certainly is a joy to have movement as an option. I am devoted as always to my ongoing portrait works. My passion for them is ever increasing, as is the demand, and in an effort to satisfy both, my days have been long, but incredibly rewarding. In the months to come, clients will be able to not only view their account through this site, but also access the studio to see their work in progress, receive live updates and be granted first viewings of new available works. If you are an existing client, you will be notified when this function is available.

Painting for a Reason

I have just finished a true labor of love, an original painting I have worked on throughout the year. It was conceived and created specifically to benefit breast cancer research, a cause as dear to me as the disease is too near too many. It will be auctioned Sunday, October 26, 2008 to support the efforts of my dear friends at Downtown 140 with their goal to raise a minimum of $25,000. You can find out more information about the 2nd Annual Passionately Pink for the Cure in Upcoming Events. 100% of the money raised through the auction of this painting will go to the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation. I'm honored to be part of this very special event and hopeful that there won't need to be another.

Midwest to Southwest

There are certain times in one's life when a new direction presents itself, either through inspiration or fate. Mine was presented over dinner. Late last year, and after careful consideration, I accepted a commission to paint fifteen works, some as large as ten feet, to be installed in a home currently being built outside of Palm Springs. The collection centers on Native American mythology: Realistic depictions painted in a classical style, these large scale works seek to make tangible the legends and lore passed down through generations. In addition, there will be contemporary portrayals of people and landscapes of the Southwest. I spent the better part of a year researching, sketching, traveling and gathering the models, reference and materials needed to compose these epic paintings. I believe that the finished pieces will not only be a new interpretation of the subject matter, but will honor the dignity and richness of its history. I feel strongly that this endeavor and my willingness to depart from what is familiar will only serve to redefine my limits and abilities.

I am not afraid of the scope or scale of this new and exciting project, my only fear is that when it's completed, the press release will read like someone is pitching a script: A man from Mississippi hires an artist from Ohio, who works in a Renaissance style, to paint Native American subjects for his home in California.


Every artist I know shares some hesitancy when it comes to seeing their work reproduced, and I am certainly no exception. For the first nine years of my career, I had little more than a business card and a portfolio. When the time came for me to create a brochure, it took several months and numerous "thank you for your time" meetings to find the right team to help me produce it. My persistence was rewarded when I was introduced to a brilliant artist by the name of Steve Plummer, Creative Director of Malone Advertising Agency and Robert Crombie, an accomplished painter who also happened to work for Oliver Printing Co., one of the premier offset printers in the country. Over the next year, the three of us collaborated in an effort to not only create a piece that presented my work well, but that represented who I am as an artist. Almost sixteen months from beginning my search it was ready, at last, to go to press. The end result is a twelve by twelve inch, forty page book, recognized nationally for printing excellence, and winner of the prestigious Gold ADDY® Award, but even more than that, it is a piece I can be proud of.

I mention this because in 2008 I have had the privilege of seeing six of my paintings produced as limited editions, and if you think I went to great lengths to assure the quality of something a simple as a "brochure", you can probably imagine the time and care I've taken with actual "reproductions" of my work. Suffice to say, I'm proud to sign them.


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