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In terms of my process, I require only a small amount of time with the subject. I prefer one on one time, generally one to two hours, during which I like to take photographs, usually in or near natural light. During that time I will not only gather the reference material needed to complete the majority of the painting, but I will develop a strong impression of the person, which I will draw upon throughout the project. As apposed to classical sittings which can require a subject to sit for hours over many days or weeks, I am able to gather all that I need without over-burdening my client's schedule, which is usually limited. Sittings can be arranged at a location most convenient to the subject, however, additional travel expenses may be incurred.

I always provide a pencil rendering for approval, usually within one to two months of beginning the project (you can view examples of the type of sketch I present in the Drawings & Studies Gallery). This step allows for any changes to be made quickly and before any actual painting is begun. Signing off on the proposed drawing not only assures you of exactly what to expect in the finished painting, but it also allows me to proceed with added confidence. As for a timeframe, once a size and specifics of a painting are agreed to, I can deliver a finished piece within twelve months. This may vary depending on my availability and the size and complexity of the piece

In terms of cost, my price list should have a size appropriate to your project. If a custom size is needed, I will accommodate your needs. Please note that prices are based on an individual portrait. For a group portrait, add 30% for each additional person. A commission requires a deposit of 50% with the balance due upon completion of the finished and approved work. I do pride myself in being easy to work with as my client list is the same as my reference list, and on that note, if you would require any references, please let me know and I would be happy to provide them.

Lastly, in terms of facilitating framing, transportation, documentation and unveiling, I am here to serve you. I take care of my customers in a host of ways long after a painting is completed. For corporate, public and private commissions, I am always available for unveilings, be it to assist in arranging, speaking, or simply attending and pulling off the cloth


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